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Working with Lawyers

Patients are commonly referred to our clinics by solicitors and lawyers who specialise in serious, catastrophic and traumatic injuries. Our team includes members of APIL and we support the Major Trauma Group. We work collaboratively with legal professionals to support the rehabilitation of clients who have sustained a serious upper or lower limb injury. Most patients have undergone major amputations of the upper or lower limbs and we have treated more than 3,000 patients.

Our expert team delivers the tailored support that clients need, taking their unique health, wellbeing, personal goals and occupational needs into account.

We provide a wide range of clinical support and fully-costed comprehensive rehabilitation packages that include physiotherapy, prosthetics, orthotics and psychological wellbeing, as well as limb trauma consultancy and pre and post amputation support services.

Our clinics manufactures bespoke prosthetic devices in-house and we are leaders in sourcing the latest technology that isn’t ordinarily provided in NHS settings.

We are passionate about ensuring our patients are able to trial and test new, revolutionary devices devices and technology in order to get our patients on a positive recovery path provided in the Rehabilitation Code 2015 – to restore all our patients as much as possible to the position they were in before their serious injury. Our services cover major aspects of recovery for clients from clinical to social, vocational to psychological.

We play an active role in the legal community and we regularly partner with solicitors, lawyers, barristers and advocates to highlight the key issues in working with clients and patients who have sustained a serious lower limb injury.