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Reports and Assessments

Pace Rehabilitation’s experienced and specialist clinicians are trained and mentored in delivering comprehensive reports and conducting assessments.

We accept instructions for reports in accordance with the rehabilitation code, or to be used in court. Reports intended for court fulfill the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 and include quantum calculations for clinical services and equipment indicated within the scope of our reporting.

Regardless of the report type, the clinical assessment is the same.  It is the level of detail in the subsequent report that differs

Report Types

  • Immediate Needs Assessments – In line with The Rehabilitation Code, INA reports are not for use in the litigation process, but to identify and cost short term needs that facilitate an efficient and conclusive rehabilitation process.  The report includes a detailed and reasoned rationale behind the recommendations.  This type of report is generally instructed by a Case Manager, or a third party, on behalf of their client, where justification of prescription is required.
  • Free of Charge Assessments (Prosthetic) – A FOCA consists of an outline of our clinicians’ recommended prosthetic prescription and estimated costs (with any associated therapy costs) in the form of a letter.  No reasoning/rationale is included for their recommendations/prescriptions, so it typically suited to a self-referring/self-funded patient.
  • Initial Assessment or Self-referral Assessment (Orthotic) – For less complex presentations, requiring orthotic intervention. Charged at an hourly clinical rate.
  • Quantum Reports. Tailored to instructions, these reports will typically include an opinion and prognosis as well as cost estimates for private rehabilitation treatment and associated equipment as support for calculations on quantum.

Our Mission:
Converting patients into people by optimising function, mobility & body image to individuals who have sustained a life-changing experience.


The professionalism of the team is fantastic. I feel I am totally supported in all parts of my care which is amazing, Thank you


Defiantly changed my life. The team have always been supportive and give me excellent service.

Patient, Buckinghamshire

The whole team is absolutely brilliant! I thank them all very much.

Patient, Cheshire

I always know what is expected of me and what I can achieve. I know with the team I have that everything is possible again and I will be walking.

Patient, Buckinghamshire

We instruct Pace Rehabilitation to support many of our military clients following catastrophic injuries such as spinal injuries and amputations. Pace Rehabilitation’s service level is excellent and their understanding of our clients needs is exceptional.

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I asked for comfort and you have certainly given me that, more than I’d hoped for in fact. The fit is so good that I feel it is part of me, it moves with me instead of against me. Because it fits so well, it feels so much lighter.


Very friendly and approachable and I feel safe in their hands. I also like their ‘human-ness’ – as I’m treated as an individual and a person rather than just a client. They care about my progress and well being…and it shows.


Very professional and easy to understand when anything about the prosthetics too me. Pace took the time to make sure I understood everything. Very easy to work with and again always reassuring me on the issues I had with the amputation explaining how the prosthesis will help in a way I understood.