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Rehabilitation Packages

Our rehabilitation services are designed to help patients gain greater independence and physical function following upper or lower limb loss or serious injury.

Rehabilitation is different for everyone and depends on a person’s injuries and what stage they are at in their recovery. Our industry-leading specialists provide tailored rehabilitation plans for each patient, working in partnership to identify and agree on achievable goals based on ability, individual needs and goals for the future.

The Pace Rehabilitation team will then work closely with the patient and their family to provide the time, support and encouragement they need to reclaim their lives.

Our Rehabilitation Packages


Our rehabilitation packages are designed to meet the unique requirements of the individual and are built from a range of solutions, including physiotherapy, prosthetics, orthotics and psychological support.

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We provide a full range of physiotherapy solutions, ranging from virtual consultations to specialist consultations delivered by industry-leading professionals at one of our three state-of-the-art facilities across the UK.

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Pace Rehabilitation manufactures bespoke prosthetic devices for in-house. Our patients are assessed, measured and treated over several sessions by our team of expert consultants and technicians.

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We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment and prescription of an orthosis. Our experienced clinicians work alongside patients to agree on a therapy plan, helping them decide which therapeutic approaches will work best for them.

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Psychological Wellbeing

An essential part of a successful rehabilitation journey for patients, our psychological wellbeing support is designed to help patients process trauma and loss, as well as equip them with the tools to promote their quality of life and resilience.

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