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The ReAktiv Brace is a hugely popular orthotics device used by many patients here at Pace Rehabilitation. Our multidisciplinary team of experts are vastly experienced at working with patients who use the ReAktiv Brace day in, day out

Suitable for a wide variety of serious lower limb injuries the ReAktiv Brace can play a major role in helping our patients get their lives back on track as part of their rehabilitation strategy

ReAktiv Brace using PDE™ spring technology

The ReAktiv Brace is a custom composite hybrid Prosthesis/Orthosis built with the PDE™ modular spring system. It was originally designed to partially offload the foot and ankle to relieve pressure and pain addressing complex lower limb injuries and other indications that result in pain and reduced lower limb functionality. The ReAktiv brace provides a modular, easily changeable spring system that can be tuned and swapped to meet each users specific needs in their daily life or as their rehab journey progresses.

The orthosis is custom manufactured using lightweight carbon fibre which aids in absorbing impact forces in gait, storing energy throughout stance and releasing that energy at toe-off.

Experience (and data from Fabtech) of using this device in real life strongly indicates for many people these features help to normalise gait, allow for higher activity such as running and reduce or remove pain in many cases.

If your client has sustained a serious limb trauma, our Lower Limb Trauma Clinic will analyse its suitability to help your client’s rehab goals.

Experienced experts

Orthoses support the foundation of a rehabilitation journey right from the outset of an injury. Early access and focus on good orthotic management can have a significant effect on the clinical outcomes experienced by those who sustain a complex trauma limb injury or are affected by a neurological impairment.

Patients are comprehensively assessed in our multidisciplinary environment and an orthotic treatment package is provided that is centered around helping our patients reach their rehabilitation goals. We utilise leading technology in our assessments such as video gait analysis and pressure analysis techniques.

Our experienced team of HCPC registered orthotists specialise in the assessment, prescription and fitting of custom made orthotic devices. Using their medical knowledge, biomechanics and materials technology expertise they are able to design cutting edge orthoses.

Our Orthotists are trained and certified to use the latest technologies including working with the ReAktiv Brace. Physiotherapy training is required alongside the provision of the brace and is integral to maximising successful outcomes

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The ReAktiv brace is a popular choice for many patients because it provides a modular system that can be tuned and changed to their specific needs in their daily life or as their rehabilitation journey evolves. ReAktiv braces are manufactured using lightweight carbon composite materials which aid in absorbing impact forces at heel strike, store energy throughout stance and release that energy at toe-off. These features aid to normalize gait and reduce or remove pain in many instances.

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