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Pace Rehabilitation understands that the best prosthetic provision is tailored to meet an individual’s needs and circumstances.

We comprehensively assess each patient on-site in one of our clinics, ensuring we ask the right questions to produce the right equipment every time.

All prostheses are tried out and delivered in a multi-disciplinary environment, typically supplemented by our relevant therapy services, so people can experience it properly in real-life situations before it is finalised.

Our Prosthetics Team

Our experienced clinicians stay up-to-date with the latest developments in prosthetics to make sure the best components and interface principles are available to our patients.

Our clinicians are trained and manufacturer-certified to use the latest powered and microprocessor-controlled products, such as Genium and Rheo knees, Empower and Elan feet, as well as upper extremity products like Michelangelo and i-Limb Quantum.

Our prosthetic team includes skilled technicians who produce bespoke devices for our patients. Their vast experience and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques enable them to deliver prosthetics that align with our patient’s individual needs.

Our Prosthetics

Naked Prosthetics

We proudly provide Naked Prosthetics devices to our patients. Naked Prosthetics manufactures durable, customised, functional finger prostheses specifically for partial finger amputations. These innovative and high-quality devices are designed to restore our patients’ ability to perform daily tasks, support job retention and enable a full and active lifestyle.

Microprocessor Controlled Prosthetics

Microprocessor controlled (MPC) prosthetic knees have revolutionised the performance and safety of lower limb prostheses over the past couple of decades, inspiring confidence and improving function for many amputees.

MPC components gather information from the environment and detect how the user is behaving. This information is interpreted by the microprocessor, which then dictates the behaviour of the component. Most measure these properties in real-time, generating continuous small adjustments, influencing the foot or knee to move in a natural way whilst keeping the user safe.


If you have undergone – or are thinking of undergoing osseointegration, is important that you know we have considerable experience in working with patients who have undergone this procedure.

As patient interest in this type of surgery grows, we are working with an increasing number of osseo-integrated patients. Our team is perfectly positioned to advise in this area and we are happy to share our experience at any of our clinics.