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Our expert physiotherapists offer comprehensive physiotherapy programmes, using a large variety of therapy techniques to reduce pain and to maximise individual function and independence.

Every patient undergoes a thorough assessment to gain a real understanding of someone’s goals and potential. A personal coordinated treatment plan is devised to deliver optimal mobility through strength training and fitness and through movement retraining, to enable someone to return to an active and fulfilling life.

Our specialist programmes are delivered initially within the bespoke clinic facilities prior to going out into the real world environment. Our professionals are renowned for helping patients apply their skills to their own home and community settings, providing the confidence to be independent. They are commonly seen with patients in the gym, the shopping mall, on the running track or even hanging out the washing.

Long-term input helps motivate someone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, through face to face reviews or via virtual means.

All of our physiotherapists are highly trained and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this field of rehabilitation. The understand how to integrate orthotic and prosthetic devices into day to day movement and tasks, teaching patients coping strategies and resilience. They are all CSP and HCPC registered and follow the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and professional standards of practice.

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