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Meet Our Team

Please click on the clinicians below to view their clinical profile. All of our clinicians are experienced and are specialists within their field (CV’s of each are available on request)

‘Associate’ indicates that the clinician works on a session/episode basis at Pace and their hours are varied

Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr Bhaskar Basu
Dr Bhaskar BasuConsultant in Rehabiliation Medicine (Bredbury)
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Dr. Renjith Bose
Dr. Renjith BoseConsultant in Rehabiliation Medicine (Bredbury)
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Dr Rhodri Phillip
Dr Rhodri PhillipConsultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Rheumatology (Amersham)
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Dr Imad Sedki
Dr Imad SedkiConsultant in Rehabiliation Medicine (Amersham)
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HCPC Registered Prosthetists/Orthotists/Podiatrists

Nicole Bennett
Nicole BennettProsthetist/Orthotist (Amersham)
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Toby Carlsson
Toby CarlssonProsthetist/Orthotist (Bredbury)
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Jamie Gillespie
Jamie GillespieProsthetist/Orthotist (Amersham)
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Abdul Hakim
Abdul HakimProsthetist/Orthotist (Amersham)
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Simon Khan
Simon KhanProsthetist/Orthotist (Bredbury)
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Luke Kimberley
Luke KimberleyProsthetist/Orthotist (Bredbury)
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Martin Middleton
Martin MiddletonOrthotist (Bredbury & Amersham)
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David Morrison
David MorrisonProsthetist/Orth. (Bredbury & Glasgow)
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Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith Prosthetist (Bredbury)
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Ian Talbot
Ian TalbotProsthetist/Orthotist (Bredbury)
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George Tagliaferro
George TagliaferroProsthetist/Orthotist (Amersham)
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HCPC Registered Therapists & Clinical Psychologist

Sarah Bradbury
Sarah BradburyAssociate Physiotherapist (Bredbury)
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Christine Dewsbury
Christine DewsburyAssociate Physiotherapist (Bredbury)
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Carolyn Hirons
Carolyn HironsPhysiotherapist (Bredbury)
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Anna Housley
Anna HousleyPhysiotherapist (Bredbury)
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Kay McArthur
Kay McArthurAssociate Occup. Therapist (Bredbury)
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Karen Mead
Karen MeadAssociate Clinical Psychologist (Remote)
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Jason Robinson
Jason RobinsonPhysiotherapist (Amersham)
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Helen Scott
Helen ScottAssociate Physiotherapist (Glasgow)
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Kate Sherman
Kate Sherman Physiotherapist (Bredbury)
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Kathryn Sizer
Kathryn SizerPhysiotherapist (Amersham)
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Louise Whitehead
Louise WhiteheadAssociate Physio. (Scotland & Bredbury)
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Christa Wright
Christa WrightAssociate Occup. Therapist (Amersham)
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Ankita Mistry
Ankita MistryPractice Manager (Amersham)
Johnathan Musson
Johnathan MussonGeneral Manager (Bredbury)
Andy Nobbs
Andy NobbsFinance Manager (Bredbury)
Scott Richardson
Scott RichardsonBusiness Develop. Manager (Amersham)
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Emily Beirne
Emily BeirneClinical Care Administrator (Bredbury)
Julie Douglass
Julie DouglassReceptionist (Bredbury)
Jayne Downing
Jayne DowningAdministrator (Amersham)
Lisa Edwards
Lisa EdwardsClinical Care Coordinator (Amersham)
James Flynn
James FlynnFinance / Admin Assistant (Bredbury)
Samantha Grant
Samantha GrantClinical Care Coordinator (Bredbury)
Pat Kibbler
Pat KibblerAdministrator (Bredbury)
Gabrielle Walsh
Gabrielle WalshReceptionist (Amersham)

Workshop Technicians

Bryan Bradbury
Bryan BradburyWorkshop Technician (Bredbury)
Chris Downing
Chris DowningWorkshop Technician (Amersham)
Nigel Firth
Nigel FirthWorkshop Technician (Bredbury)
Peter Firth
Peter FirthWorkshop Technician (Bredbury)
Matt Harding
Matt HardingWorkshop Technician (Amersham)
Mike Merrington
Mike MerringtonWorkshop Technician (Bredbury)
Steve Ward
Steve WardWorkshop Technician (Bredbury)
Bex Yearworth
Bex YearworthWorkshop Technician (Amersham)