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Occupational Therapy

Our experienced Occupational Therapy (OT) team supports you to develop, regain and maintain all the skills necessary to go about all aspects of your life if you have sustained a significant limb trauma or limb loss.

They enable patients to return to a positive day-to-day living experience in the all-important environments of home and work following their injury or amputation.

Whether you’re using a prosthesis, orthosis – or not – our specialist team will support you in ensuring your quality of life is positive and your mobility is as unhindered as possible.

This may mean expert guidance, site visits and/or practical support on modifying your key environments and the physical things in and around them.

There are numerous obstacles at home or in the workplace that have the potential to cause harm to people who have sustained a traumatic limb injury.

Our experts consider the health and safety risks you may be exposed to at work or home and will develop proactive steps to minimise risk and optimise quality of life.

Our expert OTs design tailored treatment programmes based on individual needs and preferences that compliment your long term physical and emotional rehabilitation program.ur mobility is as unhindered as possible.