Neuro Orthotics

Our neuro orthotic clinic enables patients who have sustained a neurological trauma or present with a neurological condition or access the latest orthotics available on the market.

Our team identifies the right kind of orthotic device to enable people to improve their function and live their life more comfortably.

We see a range of patients in our clinic, usually referred to us by case managers, lawyers and other healthcare professionals.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Individuals who have seen their mobility and function affected by a traumatic brain injury or stroke can benefit from correctly selected orthotic devices throughout their rehabilitation journey.

We offer advanced orthoses utilising advanced materials, customisation and robotics where they are beneficial for our patients.

Cerebral Palsy

Individuals who have a movement disorder causing problems with vision, sensation, balance and mobility can benefit from using the modern orthoses we offer which are customised and provided swiftly.

This emphasis on timely provision is critical when treating children with cerebral palsy as often through childhood they require  surgery and treatment with botulinum toxin. Swift provision thereafter is crucial to a successful outcome ensuring all surgical gains are fully maximised

Our clinics have good access, parking is available directly outside and a variety of appointment day &time options. This all Makesit easier and less stressful for families to come into our clinics.

What kind of orthoses can we provide?
  • Lower limb orthoses include AFOs (ankle foot orthoses) and SMOs  (supra malleolar ankle foot orthoses), aimed at controlling  the foot, ankle, knee and hip positions during walking. We use advanced materials to customise these orthoses to our patients.
  • Anti-contracture orthoses can be used to stretch out tight muscles to provide comfort and relief. These include KAFO’s (knee ankle foot orthoses), gaitors (for arms or legs) and resting AFOs.

Our experienced team of HCPC registered orthotists specialise in the assessment, prescription and fitting of custom-made orthotic devices.

Innovative technologies within the field of orthotics is ever changing from new raw materials, robotics and 3D printing toimprove levels of customisation. Our Orthotists continue to stay at the forefront of clinical practice to ensure our patients always receive the most advanced orthoses possible for their needs.

If you are a lawyer who specialises in serious injury cases involving neurological trauma or clinical negligence – we are happy to guide you and your client on the orthotics required to get the best outcomes. Our orthotics provision is trusted by lawyers and insurers across the UK.

Case managers trust us to deliver our orthoses to patients who have sustained serious life-changing injuries. If you are a case manager, feel free to speak to us about our specialist neuro orthotics service.

Find out how you client can benefit from appointment with our Orthotics team by calling Scott Richardson now on (01494) 790 490 or email

Meet our team

Mark Waldron

Ian Talbot

Nicole Bennett

Our experienced team of HCPC registered orthotists specialise in the assessment, prescription and fitting of custom made orthotic devices. Using their medical knowledge, biomechanics and materials technology expertise they are able to design cutting edge orthoses.