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We understand that rehabilitation for people who have sustained a serious limb injury is highly personal. This means that the strategy we recommend for people varies depending on their individual needs, experiences, preferences and lifestyle goals.

Our comprehensive rehabilitation packages are designed to meet the unique requirements of the individual and are built from our extensive range of treatment options, including:


Our full range of physiotherapy solutions, ranging from virtual consultations to specialist consultations, are delivered by leading professionals at one of our three state-of-the-art facilities.


Our highly experienced prosthetics team comprehensively assess each patient on-site in one of our clinics, with all prostheses delivered in a multi-disciplinary environment so the patient can experience them in real-life situations before it is finished.


Our multi-disciplinary orthotics team specialises in the assessment, prescription and fitting of orthotic devices as part of complex trauma rehabilitation.

Psychological Wellbeing

Our psychological wellbeing team provides professional, evidence-based support to help patients engage fully in their rehabilitation and optimise the outcome using psychological tools to promote quality of life and resilience.

Occupational Therapy

Our experienced Occupational Therapy (OT) service enables patients to return to a positive day-to-day living experience in the all-important environments of home and work following their injury or amputation.

Lower Limb Trauma Clinic

Our Lower Limb Trauma Clinic is our consultant led approach to multidisciplinary rehabilitation following a catastrophic lower limb injury.

This proactive and early intervention approach has been delivered by our team members to Armed Forces personnel at the Defence Rehabilitation Centre.

Pace Rehabilitation’s comprehensive physiotherapy solutions see our experts use manual, hands-on therapy to relieve pain while helping patients maximise function, independence and potential.
The best prosthetic provision is tailored to meet an individual’s needs and circumstances. At Pace Rehabilitation we are good at this, assessing each patient carefully in our clinics and asking the right questions so that we can produce equipment that ticks all the boxes.
Our prosthetic team also include skillful technicians that produce the devices for you. They have vast experience in their field and use up to date manufacturing techniques to deliver either real eye catching or maybe very discrete prostheses, all depending on what you want.

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