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Lower Limb Trauma Clinic

Pace Rehab Lower Limb Trauma Clinic

Are you a lawyer or case manager working with a client who has sustained a catastrophic lower limb injury?

Lower Limb Trauma Clinic by PaceResearch proves that people who begin rehabilitation early achieve better clinical outcomes. Not just physically, but psychologically too, improving long term reintegration into life.

The Lower Limb Trauma Clinic from Pace Rehabilitation is our consultant led approach to multidisciplinary rehabilitation following a catastrophic lower limb injury.

It’s this proactive and tailored approach which members of our team have helped to deliver to Armed Forces personnel at the Defence Rehabilitation Centre – the programme aimed at helping the armed forces and civilians get back to work following serious injury. You can read more about some of the professionals who will deliver your rehabilitation here.

Lower Limb Trauma Clinic provides your client with a comprehensive strategy to support the foundation of their rehabilitation right from the outset of an injury.

We know that having an early focus on rehabilitation following a serious limb injury enables patients to acquire the strength, skills and psychological strategy for preventing, or preparing, for an amputation, if that is, ultimately, considered the best solution.

Better outcomes, fully costed

By referring patients to our Limb Trauma Clinic case managers can deliver fully-costed clinical recommendations with confidence to claimant lawyers, defendant lawyers and insurers.

The Pace Lower Limb Trauma Clinic is consultant led and includes:

  • Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine ✅
  • Orthotists & Prosthetists ✅
  • Specialist physiotherapists ✅
  • Psychologists ✅
  • Experienced Occupational Therapists ✅

We seamlessly work alongside the existing medical professional already involved in the care of your client, offering access to pain consultants and surgeons.

Fully informed right from the start

Lower Limb Trauma Clinic enables case managers, lawyers and funders to be fully informed of the clinically recommended rehabilitation strategy that is going to give your client the best outcome right from the outset of an injury.

Find out how you client can benefit from a Lower Limb Trauma Clinic appointment by calling Scott Richardson now on (01494) 790 490 or email srichardson@pacerehab.com