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Innovation and technology

We are dedicated to identifying, and exploring the world’s greatest technology to support our clients’ rehabilitation journey.

Our Services

Global reach

We leave no stone unturned in developing our professional connections all over the world. This means our team regularly travels to find new technology solutions that help our patients and even help feed into its development.

We have first class relationships with manufacturers and designers from all over the world and we are known as a trusted organisation to provide feedback to people investing in new technology geared towards helping our patients.

Collaborative approach to tech

As well as our own innovative analytical, measurement and reporting software and technology, we also partner with likeminded organisations in the private sector and education sector where we can see an advantage for our patients and referrers.

We encourage all our key suppliers – and new ones – to demonstrate their new products in our three clinics, at our regular ‘Life & Limb’ conference and in their own settings so our team (and our patients) can keep pushing the boundaries in terms what can be achieved in clinical outcomes for our patients.

Technology for all

We believe that technology plays a huge role in the rehabilitation of people who have sustained serious limb injuries. This is true for all our patients, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or lifestyle.

We are passionate about exploring new technology that enriches the life experience for those who have sustained limb loss. By working with manufacturers closely and being early adopters of new technology we can support the rehabilitation pathway undertaken by our patients.

We provide detailed feedback, assessments, analysis and reports for our patients, case managers, lawyers, insurers and other clinical professionals to ensure all our work is evidence-based and specific for each patient’s needs.