New 'Griplock Finger' is changing lives for patients
who have sustained complete digit loss.

Pace Rehabilitation is proud to be rolling out a new device which is truly game-changing for patients who have sustained digit loss following a serious injury.

Since introducing Naked Prosthetics to the UK back in 2019, our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians have undertaken more than 100 clinical assessments of patients with partial finger amputations. The assessments we undertake consider not just functionality but  also cosmetic and protective issues to achieve maximum quality of life for patients.

Many of our patients have benefitted from one or more PIP Drivers, MCP Drivers and Thumb Drivers as part of their prosthetic provision.

These devices are controlled from a remaining digit joint, so have been unsuitable for people who have sustained the complete loss of a digit (or digits)…

To meet the needs of this cohort of patients, Naked Prosthetics has launched the Griplock Finger, which is manually positioned by the user to restore a natural grip pattern.

The GripLock Finger is designed for digits two through five and is a passive positionable digit prosthesis. It is intended for use in conjunction with a custom fabricated socket which is fit by a certified prosthetist here at Pace Rehabilitation.

Users can position the finger into varying degrees of flexion by using their opposing hand or a hard surface. The Griplock Finger can then release to full extension by depressing the dorsal pawl (lever) or flexing past last locking position. Adding a GripLock Finger can restore length, encourage bilateral hand use, prevent metacarpal devication and be a valuable tool for participation in activities of daily living.

This device can be worn in combination with the Naked Prosthetics MCPDriver, PIPDriver and/or ThumbDriver.

  • Field serviceable fairings
  • Silicone fingertip pad
  • Machined aluminum
  • Case-hardened stainless steel

This design is optimised for high load carrying capacity.

The GripLock Finger weighs in at an industry best of 25 grams and a break strength of over 200lb! 

See the Griplock Finger in action!

Rob Gregson, patient at Pace Rehabilitation, has already taken delivery of his Griplock device thanks to the teams at NFU Mutual (who funded the rehabilitation) and Enable Therapy Services and its proactive senior case manager, Kirsty Laird.

Kirsty referred Rob to Pace Rehabilitation in for a Partial Hand Assessment which was undertaken by our prosthetist and occupational therapist and the end of 2021. Take a look at these videos we made in our clinic: 

Rob Gregson, patient at Pace Rehabilitation, said:

“Receiving my prosthetic has given me a new confidence in carrying out my work role as a funeral director as well as enabling my passion for motorsport photography to continue. Hopefully what has been learned from constructing my finger will help countless more like me in the future.”

Kirsty Laird, Senior Case Manager at Enable Therapy Services, said:

“I am delighted with the outcome for my client, it is making an incredible difference to his everyday activities including managing his work role”.  

Chris Lecky of Serious Law LLP, the patient’s solicitor in his personal injury compensation case said:

“This is a great example of the work our firm do in trying to maximise our client’s recovery by addressing their rehabilitation needs. Our goal is always to help to rebuild our client’s lives with the assistance of case managers, like Kirsty, and specialist multi-disciplinary specialists Pace Rehabilitation. Compensation is always secondary to the clinical outcome our client achieves.

“It proves that when insurers, lawyers and case managers work collaboratively and swiftly, positive outcomes are achieved for people who have sustained a serious injury. We’re proud to be able to provide new and innovative technology like this to help Rob and our other patients on their rehabilitation journey. As the images and videos show, the restored function the Griplock Finger has provided our patient is fantastic."