Pace’s multidisciplinary team continue to be at the forefront of the latest prosthetic technology, recently working with the EchelonER prothetic foot from Blatchford. 

EchelonER prosthetic foot is available at Pace RehabilitationAs our physiotherapist Anna Housley explains, “The twenty-five degrees of ankle movement offers terrific compliance to terrain and slopes, providing a natural gait for the user.” (see video)

Luke Kimberley, Pace prosthetist added, “The increased toe clearance provided by the EchelonER, and the waterproof design, makes it a very versatile choice.  In particular, it will enhance the function of water activity prostheses that have previously had more restricted ankle function.”

Watch our patient trailing the EchelonER in our clinic in Bredbury (Cheshire).

For more details, or to discuss prosthetic provision and trials, contact or call 0161 428 5500