Pace patient takes delivery of new Cheetah Xcel blade

We were pleased to see our patient take delivery of the Cheetah Xcel blade made by Össur.

It’s a next-generation sports prosthesis that was specifically designed for explosive, short distance sprints of 100-200m, with proprietary design features intended to reduce the user’s running effort and facilitate increased speed from starting block to finish line. 

All Cheetah sports prostheses are suitable for both above-knee (transfemoral) and below-knee (transtibial) amputees.

They are available in customisable configurations and attachment options to accommodate such factors as an individual user’s weight, residual limb length, and foot alignment in relation to their running style. Check out the brilliant video of it in action in our clinic! 

Watch the Cheetah Xcel blade in action!

Taking delivery of the new Ossur Cheetah Xcel running blade at Pace Rehabilitation