Experts in amputation team up to deliver online event

Experts are teaming up to raise awareness about the key issues impacting the  clinical outcomes for people who undergo an elective traumatic amputation.

Pace Rehabilitation, STEPS Rehabilitation and Stewarts are jointly hosting the event on 11 August which explores the medical and legal journey for people who sustain limb loss.

Speakers include Zeeshan Sheikh, consultant plastic surgeon at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who specialises in complex amputations.

Toby Carlsson, director of Pace Rehabilitation, said: “This event is aimed at case managers, insurers and anyone working in the fields of amputation and rehabilitation. By sharing knowledge like this everyone who has an interest in improving patient outcomes can become better equipped with awareness of the key issues involving orthotics, prosthetic technologies and long-term physical and psychological rehabilitation.” 

Chris Smith, senior associate at law firm Stewarts, said: “Having a clear rehabilitation pathway in place at the outset of a case following a life-changing incident is an important part of getting the best outcome. This seminar will demonstrate the vital role of the law in getting clients’ lives back on track following an amputation. It will also highlight the key considerations for clients, insurers and rehabilitation providers and the importance of collaboration in the process.”  

Scott Pearson of STEPS Rehabilitation, said: “We’ll also be sharing a client case study of best practice which brings to life the issues we’re discussing. The evidence shows that taking a multidisciplinary approach with patients leads to an optimal rehabilitation experience and therefore better outcomes.” 

To register for the event click here.