Amputee dog visits Pace Rehabilitation

Cola, a double amputee dog, has visited Pace Rehabilitation, the UK’s leading clinic for people who have sustained serious limb injury or limb loss.

Cola lost his limbs in Thailand after they were hacked off with a sword as punishment for chewing a pair of shoes when he was around 6 months old. He was rescued by John Dalley and his late wife Gill, founders of the Soi Dog Foundation which was created in 2003. The charity now employs over 50 vets in Thailand and neuters around 18,000 animals each month.

Cola’s visit to Pace Rehabilitation’s Bredbury clinic was prompted after his current prostheses had become worn down and uncomfortable and his owner sought UK expertise.

Toby Carlsson, Founder and Prosthetist at Pace Rehabilitation said:

“Cola was a delight to have at our clinic despite being an unusual visitor. He is the first canine we have treated. His current prostheses are quite tired after lots of beach combing and rabbit chasing so our team are getting to work on making him some sturdy, functional prostheses that will run for miles. We are hugely supportive of the fantastic work the Soi Dog Foundation does. Cola’s story is harrowing and we are keen to help him feel more comfortable upon his arrival in the UK from Thailand.”

Toby Carlsson, Pace Rehabilitation Tweet

John Dalley, Owner and Co-Founder of Soi Dog Foundation, said:

“I am grateful for what Toby and the team at Pace Rehabilitation are doing for Cola. New custom-made prosthetics will make a huge difference to Cola’s life, enabling him to go for longer walks along the beach without getting tired and live his life like other dogs.”

John Dalley, Soi Dog Foundation Tweet

Pace conducted a comprehensive assessment of Cola and took plaster casts of his legs to ensure that they deliver the best equipment to suit his needs.