2018 Pace Rehabilitation Conference – Beyond the clinic room

This year our annual rehabilitation conference focuses upon the successful outcomes that can be achieved by going ‘beyond the clinic room’.

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We are hosting the conference on Thursday 20th September 2018, at The Wellcome Collection in central London (NW1 2BE) and look forward to sharing our experiences with you…

As part of the full programme, Pace Rehabilitation clinicians will present case studies, including practical demonstrations by both lower and upper limb real life patients. Together they will outline how our proactive and skilled multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach provides your clients with the best opportunity to achieve their life goals, making a difference to their quality of life. This is a chance to hear their stories and understand their rehabilitation journeys.

Supported by the provision of the most clinically appropriate prosthetic and orthotic devices, many of our patients make their most significant rehabilitation steps beyond the ‘confines’ of a clinic room, quite literally.

Providing sophisticated equipment does not automatically mean that a prosthetic user can take full advantage of it in their daily life. To optimise outcomes, our therapists first work with patients on the background skills in clinic, then continue their activities together in the real world, continually developing our patients’ skills and confidence.

As an independent provider, Pace’s MDT utilises the most appropriate and up to date componentry and work collaboratively with the leading prosthetic manufacturers, particularly with new and ever increasingly advanced technology.

During the programme, representatives from some of the prosthetic companies will outline why and how particular devices come to market. These sessions will demonstrate the products and how the extended team work together with Pace for a successful outcome.

There will also be networking opportunities throughout an interesting and informative day, with time for discussions and questions.

The full programme can be viewed HERE