Self Referrals

We accept self-referrals, by way of FREE Initial Assessments.  We do encourage new clients to come with the knowledge and agreement from their GP or other health professional responsible for their healthcare services.

NHS Referrals

Changes within the NHS (from PCT’s to CCG’s) have made it virtually impossible for a patient to transfer their prosthetic provision from an NHS Centre to an independant provider, such as Pace.

If you are unhappy with your existing NHS provision, the following guidance has been provided to Pace by NHS England:-

“All NHS organisations have complains procedure. Patients are encouraged to raise their concerns with their organisation. If, after the Trust response to the patient’s concern, the patient is still not happy, they can complain to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. The ombudsman carries out independent investigations into complaints about government departments.”

More information about NHS complaints can be found HERE.

Private Health Insurance

Please contact your insurance company and clarify the cover that your policy provides. Most health insurance policies do not cover provision of equipment, but may cover assessment fees & clinical services.

Legal Settlements

If you are pursuing a legal settlement through the courts there are mechanisms through which treatment can be funded under what is known as the Rehabilitation Code, or interim payments. This normally only occurs once liability has been agreed. Your solicitor should be able to assist you if this is an option.  Please visit our Legal page for further details.

International (overseas) Enquiries

We have considerable experience in providing our rehabilitation services to patients from abroad. A flexible and even fast track service can be provided to best meet your needs. More details can be found by clicking HERE.

Terms & Conditions

In all instances, a signed copy of Pace’s Terms & Conditions is required.

If a third party is responsible for settlement of accounts, then Business Terms & Conditions should be used. If a patient is to settle invoices themself, then the Patient Terms & Conditions should be used instead.