Pace Rehabilitation is proud to receive testimonials from both patients and professionals who have utilised our rehabilitation services.

A selection of these can be read below:

Patient Testimonials

Pam McGeechan – Upper limb amputee

pam-mcgeechan“I asked for comfort and you have certainly given me that, more than I’d hoped for in fact. I now get dressed to go out without dreading to put on my arm, in fact I can go so far as to say that I enjoy wearing it.

The fit is so good that I feel it is part of me. It moves with me instead of against me and because it fits so well, it feels so much lighter.

The real test came when we travelled to Brighton and I wore it for 14 hours without me suffering. I couldn’t have done that before, believe me. It has certainly changed the way I’m living my life.

The other real difference it has made is that I can now get clothes to fit properly and I look more natural.

My friends couldn’t believe the difference and I feel so much better about myself. So thanks again for everything!”

Read more about Pam’s prosthetic provision HERE

Dave, Sue & Sarah Barnett – Lower limb amputee

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and the time that you patiently spent with us. Your reassurance and advice that we are where we should be with Sue’s rehab was just what we needed to hear and I can’t describe how this lifted Sue’s spirits.

The generosity of spirit that you displayed in giving us so willingly your time and help in what we know are busy lives is a rarity in this day and age of fast living

Kindest regards,

Dave, Sue and Sarah Barnett

Bobby Griffin – Lower limb amputee

bobby-griffin-standing-on-1-leg“I wanted to say thank you for the two cracking legs you’ve provided me with. I’m wearing the Silicone leg to work and my colleagues are hugely impressed! The foot is simply amazing, it’s such a close match. Walking around in shorts, you genuinely cannot tell I’ve got a prosthetic. The socket is good, very comfortable, which goes a long way to ensuring I can hide the prosthetic when needed, as it’s no good having a great looking leg if I was hobbling around and drawing attention to it.

The other prosthesis is the best looking and highly finished socket ever. I sat there last night pouring over every little detail. It’s gorgeous!

You’ve continued to set your own bar really high, which I am hugely appreciative of!”

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Professional Testimonials

“We have instructed Pace on many occasions and our clients have been delighted by how their expertise and dedication have helped towards a return to an active lifestyle.”

Personal injury solicitors specialising in motorcycle, brain, spinal cord and amputation claims


“Pace has supported many of my clients during their rehabilitation journey, providing a bespoke, interdisciplinary service. Their professional approach, service level, attention to detail and ability to tailor their work to meet individual need is exceptional.”

Case management


“We instruct Pace Rehabilitation to support many of our military clients following catastrophic injuries such as spinal injuries and amputations. Pace Rehabilitation’s service level is excellent and their understanding of our clients needs is exceptional.”

Compensation claims. Specialists in military personal injury claims


“OLMR Ltd regularly recommend Pace Rehabilitation, who provide our National Personal Injury Solicitor clients with a fast, reliable and professional service”

Medical evidence providers


“We have utilised the services of Pace Rehabilitation on several amputee clients, their service is always first class.”

Case management of rehabilitation services


“The provision and support Pace has provided our amputees clients in the UK has been nothing but exceptional. We highly praise Pace’s work for us.”

David Blackwell, DBA Case Manager (USA)


Quote from Shoosmiths’ client “Can I take this opportunity to praise Pace Rehab on their facilities and staff who are very polite and helpful. I can heartly recommend them.”

Legal Claimants


“Pace Rehabilitation have and continue to provide our clients with the most up-to-date developments in prosthetic limbs. Their services are life long and we value their contribution to the recovery of our seriously injured clients.”

Legal Claimant. Injury and accident solicitors that specialise in clients’ recovery, their long term welfare and rehabilitation


“Pace’s presentation was excellent. It demonstrated the skill and empathy of those working at Pace and the real desire to do all they can to return seriously injured accident victims to a full and fruitful life, sometimes surpassing the injured person’s expectations.”

Legal claimants. Motorcycle accident solicitors, specialists in severe lower limb fractures & amputations


“Through our experience and relationship with Pace we are able to get a better understanding of client’s needs.”

Legal claimants. Catastrophic injury, serious spinal & head injury, case management & rehabilitation


“I have been very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of Pace. Most of my clients are young or youngish active people who want a prosthetic that works for their active life. The sweet relief of clients who have been used to NHS prosthesis provision, once they have experienced Pace is a real boost to young and active amputees. The focus is spot on.” – Andrew Dalton, Solicitor Advocate & Senior Partner

Motorcycle Solicitors


“We have always found Pace rehabilitation to be professional, efficient, friendly and approachable.”

Legal claimants. Clinical negligence


“We are pleased to refer Clients from the Isle of Man to Pace Rehabilitation where they are given advice at the forefront of prosthetic provision.”

Legal claimants

“We realise the importance of rehabilitation for our clients and are pleased to be associated with Pace Rehabilitation.”

Specialist Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitors


“KCJ have instructed Pace on several Medico-Legal assessments and we have been extremely satisfied with their services.”

Legal claimants


“Pace has helped us to deliver legal services to our seriously injured clients in the way that they want them.”

Personal injury, Clinical negligence solicitors. Mainly claimant


“We are happy to instruct Pace Rehabilitation to assist our clients.”

Legal claimants. Catastrophic injury, serious head & spinal injury, amputation and liaising with case management & rehabilitation

“Forbes Solicitors instruct Pace for medico-legal expertise for clients who are in need of prosthetic limbs.”

Legal claimants


“We are pleased to refer Clients from the Isle of Man to Pace Rehabilitation where they are given advice at the forefront of prosthetic provision.”

Legal claimants