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Below is a list of frequent asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact Scott Richardson on 01494 790490, or email srichardson@pacerehab.com.

Frequently asked questions

Having made the first move by contacting Pace Rehabilitation we are sure that there are many questions that you would like ask before you continue. Pace Rehabilitation are here to provide a number of services to aid and assist you in your continued rehabilitation.

The following are frequently asked question and answers that will hopefully give you a better understanding of the relationship between you and Pace Rehabilitation. If at any time you have any other questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to provide the answers.

What are the benefits of coming to Pace Rehabilitation?

Pace Rehabilitation is an independent provider of rehabilitation services. Services and funding is agreed on a case by case basis. This means that we are not restricted by many of the funding constraints of other rehabilitation providers. We are able to offer more flexible appointments and provide the most suitable equipment and services for your needs.

I want to use Pace Rehabilitation, what do I do next?

Please contact us either by email info@pacerehab.com, or ring 01494 790490, or complete our online referral form. This form will help establish your basic clinical requirements, as well as how the treatment is to be funded.

I have been referred to Pace Rehabilitation, what next?

Pace Rehabilitation will send you an appointment for your initial assessment with one or more of the clinicians. You, or your referrer, will be asked to sign and return a copy of our Patient Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully. If there is anything you do not understand please contact us. There may also be a VAT exemption form to complete.

What will happen at my initial assessment appointment?

You will be asked to sign a consent form before any assessment or treatment can take place. You may be asked to remove some clothing to aid assessment, so please bring suitable shorts, t-shirt or underwear. You may if you wish bring a chaperone with you; this could be a relative, carer or friend. Should you not have anyone to accompany you but do not wish to be examined alone then a member of our team can be made available on request. All individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please bring with you any existing prostheses or orthoses you use and any medication you are currently taking. We will need your GP details too. We have drinks facilities on site. You may be seen by a number of our clinical staff, who will assess your individual needs, and discuss your goals with you and what you would like to achieve. Our professional and clinical knowledge will allow us to make recommendations for any equipment suitable for you and create a rehabilitation plan to meet your individual needs.

What happens after my initial assessment?

You, or your referrer (solicitor, insurer or GP) will be forwarded a report or letter detailing our recommendations based on the assessment findings and your discussions. This will include specifications of appropriate equipment and an estimate of the costs (proforma invoice). We are unable to provide fixed quotations for quantities of therapy due to the uncertainty of personal needs. We will however tell you the costs per hour of these services.

I’m happy with the report, how do I proceed?

If equipment is being provided, a 100% deposit is required. This must be cleared funds on or by the time of the next appointment. If you are self-funding you are responsible for making this payment. If you are funded by the NHS, an insurance company or via a solicitor acting on your behalf they may use different methods for the funding to be made available. We require the deposit to ‘clear’ and formal written authorisation from the responsible body prior to starting the treatment recommendations.

Note: If you are involved in litigation when the treatment commences and your case settles before our programme is completed, you will be responsible for paying any outstanding invoices related to the services provided by Pace Rehabilitation.

When is the cost of therapies payable? How is the final bill settled?

The cost of therapy is invoiced monthly to the bill payer or you can chose to pay at the end of each visit. The remaining balance of the equipment costs are due when you and Pace Rehabilitation are satisfied and you take final delivery. During the build of equipment, components can change slightly and the balance of you bill will be reviewed accordingly, whereby a final invoiced is processed.

How will my treatment progress?

We will follow the rehabilitation plan set out in our report; however this can be changed or adapted to suit your personal requirements should these change.

Can I try different equipment?

Every care is taken to select the right equipment for your needs. However sometimes selected equipment may be unsuitable. You or Pace Rehabilitation may wish to try something else. In this instance equipment can be trialled for an agreed period after which you must choose which equipment you would like to proceed with. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a rental fee payable for the equipment during the trial period. In such circumstances, authorisation will be sought from you, or any other bill payer before the trial commences.

Will I have to take part in any clinical trials?

No. Pace Rehabilitation and its partners strive to research and develop new techniques and equipment. You may be asked to participate in trials of methods or equipment. However, you may decline to take part and this will not affect your planned rehabilitation in any way. Pace Rehabilitation may use your notes and photographs for the purposes of audit, research or presentation, in which your anonymity is assured. If you do not wish your case to be used for presentations please inform Pace Rehabilitation.

Can I see the information you hold in my file?

Yes. You may view your file at any time; however you must put this request in writing. A small administration fee will be charged for this service.

Who owns or has responsibility for any equipment provided?

Once any equipment has been given to you to try at home you will be responsible for it. After the final payment has been processed by Pace Rehabilitation ownership passes to you, or occasionally when funding is received from the NHS, to them. Most equipment is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers manufacturing faults. This will not cover misuse or accidental damage. Pace Rehabilitation recommend that you insure your equipment against accidental damage or theft.

What do Pace Rehabilitation expect of me?

As a client you will be asked to participate fully in your rehabilitation plan. This may include some form of “homework”, for example an exercise routine, monitoring the equipment behaviour during different activities and provide feedback so we can adjust equipment or amend your rehabilitation plan. Your full participation will assist in gaining better results making your rehabilitation plan more successful. You must inform the staff if at any time you are not happy with how your rehabilitation is progressing. You will need to give 24 hours notice to change an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged. Pace Rehabilitation operate a Zero Tolerance Policy. We expect our staff to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. Verbal or physically aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Pace Rehabilitation will exercise its right to refuse its services to any client found to be in breach of its zero tolerance policy.

What can I expect of Pace Rehabilitation?

Pace Rehabilitation will not accept patients if basic standards of treatment and intervention cannot be met. Pace Rehabilitation accepts a Duty of Care to its clients. We will inform you immediately if we feel that we cannot fulfil our promises to you. All the staff employed by Pace Rehabilitation will act in accordance with their Professional Codes of Conduct.

What if I don’t want to continue with the rehabilitation plan?

First we will try to establish the reasons why you wish to discontinue and rectify them if possible. If the issues cannot be resolved you are free to stop the rehabilitation plan at any time. However you or the bill payer will be liable for any outstanding costs incurred by Pace Rehabilitation.

What happens once the rehabilitation plan is complete?

Most of the time, the initial rehabilitation episode is just the start of a long term relationship with Pace Rehabilitation. We will advise you on how we think it is best to proceed and offer timely review appointments. During these reviews we will discuss any changes or new requirements that have arisen and recommend an appropriate course of action. If substantial input is required we will detail this in a new report, with an estimate of costs and the process begins again. A discharge summary will be sent to your GP after your initial rehabilitation episode with Pace Rehabilitation. Your GP will be informed at the start of treatment too.

How are future adjustments to equipment charged?

Initial fitting adjustments will normally be included in the initial balance, unless there is an obvious reason for major work to be undertaken, such as the reduction of oedema requiring a new socket within only a few months. If the prosthesis has been in use successfully for more than 3 months a review fee will be charged, which will cover any prosthetic, clinical and workshop time completed on the day. Replacement components will be charged separately. If the adjustment is significant a cost estimate (pro forma invoice) will be provided for funding approval and payment prior to work commencing.