Clinical Profiles

Pace’s experts are experienced clinicians specialising within their field, trained and mentored in expert witness report writing.

Please click on the clinicians below to view their clinical profile. CV’s of each of the clinicians are available on request.

(Note: Those marked with ‘*’ are not available for Medico-Legal instruction through Pace)

New enquiries/referrals/instructions should be directed to Scott Richardson.

Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr Renjith Bose (Bredbury, Cheshire)

Dr Bhaskar Basu (Bredbury, Cheshire)

Dr Imad Sedki (Chesham, Bucks)*

HCPC Registered Prosthetist/Orthotists

Toby Carlsson (Bredbury, Cheshire)

Jamie Gillespie (Chesham, Bucks)

Martin Middleton (Bredbury, Cheshire & Chesham, Bucks) – Specialises in Orthotics

David Morrison (Bredbury, Cheshire & Scotland)

Paul Richardson (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

George Tagliaferro (Chesham, Bucks)

Howard Woolley (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

HCPC Registered Podiatrist

Dr Frank Bowling (Bredbury, Cheshire)

HCPC Registered & Chartered Physiotherapists

Sarah Bradbury (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

Rosie Carr (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

Carolyn Hirons (Bredbury, Cheshire)

Anna Housley (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

Tracy Millar (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

Kathryn Sizer (Chesham, Bucks)

HCPC Registered Occupational Therapists

Kay McArthur (Bredbury, Cheshire)*

Jessica Thurston (Chesham, Bucks)*

Specialist Counsellor

Sue Turner (Bredbury, Cheshire)*