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NEW Referrals Guide

NEW Referrals Guide

The rehabilitation professionals the Pace provide comprehensive report-writing. We accept instructions either for reports to be used in court or in accordance with the rehabilitation code. Reports intended for the court include quantum calculations for clinical services and equipment indicated within the scope of our reporting.

All of Pace’s experts are experienced clinicians specialising within their field, trained and mentored in expert witness report writing.  Their CV’s are available on request.

We regularly organise multi-disciplinary assessments to be carried out during a single patient assessment. This can minimise the time needed to obtain evidence for use in the litigation process. It also reduces the number of appointments that a patient must attend, thereby reducing the inconvenience to them and the costs involved in time and travel.

Multi-disciplinary immediate needs assessments that identify short term treatment options offer an opportunity for instructing parties and their clients to understand the clinical options available and their implications.

We work for Claimants or Defendants as well as working routinely on joint instructions.

For details of individual experts, click HERE.

Quantum Reports

Reports will be tailored to instructions but will typically include an opinion and prognosis as well as cost estimates for private rehabilitation treatment and associated equipment as support for calculations on quantum.

We are also happy to provide a second opinion by reviewing previously-commissioned expert reports or other evidence.

All documentation intended for the Courts fulfils the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 and is compiled by clinical professionals who undertake regular expert witness training.

Immediate Needs Assessments

Pace provides these needs assessments in line with The Rehabilitation Code. The reports that are generated are not for use in the litigation process, but to identify and cost the short term needs, facilitating an efficient and conclusive rehabilitation process.

The aim is to either initiate or further develop rehabilitation programs, ensuring that clients are given opportunity to reach their full potential in terms of mobility, confidence and quality of life.

Not exploring such avenues may result in stalling at a suboptimal level which has long term consequences such as deconditioning and loss of motivation.

Pace believes in early, and if required, intense interventions that speed up progress. The level of long-term disability can depend on the treatment received in the early stages.

Uniquely at Pace we can convert the treatment recommended into action swiftly and easily, accelerating the rehabilitation process and optimising the outcome for everyone concerned.

Case Managers typically instruct such reports.  For more information, please navigate to the Case Manager webpage.

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