Please note – The report provided following a ‘Free of Charge Assessment’ will simply consist of the clinicians’ recommended prosthetic prescription and costs, with any associated therapy costs.  This is typically suited to a self-referring/self-funded patient.

If you require a more detailed, reasoned report with a rationale behind the recommendations, then an Immediate Needs report would be more appropriate.  This type of report is generally instructed by a Case Manager, or a third party, on behalf of their client (further details can be found at the Case Manager webpage) and is charged at the clinicians’ hourly rate.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, to ensure instruction of the correct type of report, please do contact us, or complete our on-line Booking/Referral Form.


Free of Charge (Prosthetic) Assessments

Initial_AssessmentEvery patient who attends Pace receives a clinical assessment. The assessment is typically carried out by a Prosthetist and a Physiotherapist* and generally lasts between 1 ½ and 2 hours.

By attending, you are not compromising any statutory (NHS) provision you currently receive.  Nor are you under any obligation to proceed with our recommendations after the assessment.

The assessment and subsequent report are FREE of charge.

*For upper limb patients an Occupational Therapist is ordinarily required and a charge is incurred.  Assessment involving an Orthotist or Occupational Therapist are also outside of the free provision. 


TherapyWhen you attend one of our clinics for an assessment, you will be asked to complete a referral/consent form, to provide us with your basic details.  Not every section will be relevant, but should be completed as fully as possible.

The assessment provides you with the opportunity to outline your history, current situation, needs/requirements and aspirations, whilst enabling our clinicians to discuss prosthetic options and likely componentry with you.

Based on this information exchange, the most appropriate prosthetic provision (and any associated therapy services) can be determined for you by our expert clinicians.  It is not possible to provide accurate costs without meeting and assessing you.


Within 2-weeks of the assessment the report will be sent to you.  It will consist of a letter that details the prosthetic and/or physiotherapy recommendations, along with any associated pro-formas; suggested therapy sessions; referrals for other assessments (such as OT and orthotics); and a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

If after receiving the report you decide to proceed with our recommendations, we will require a countersigned copy of the Terms & Conditions and a 100% deposit for the planned provision.  Once in receipt of these we can schedule your provision and appointments.


To provide you with an indication of ball park figures for a complete lower limb prosthesis, a below-the-knee device is likely to be between £5K and £10K, with an above-the-knee device in the region of £7K to £26K (both depending upon specification).  Other options are available beyond this range and can be discussed during the assessment (further information about componentry can be viewed at the Technology page). 

Subsequent costs to consider include replacement liners (annually) and replacement sockets (2/3 years, depending upon residual limb change).


If you would like to request a Free of Charge assessment, please click HERE and complete the on-line form.

If you would like to discuss your possible self-referral to Pace in more detail, please feel free to email Scott Richardson.  Alternatively, please telephone 01494 790490 and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.