Vernon041OptimisedPhysiotherapists help people manage the effects of accidents, illnesses and the stresses and strains of busy lives by providing individual attention and treatment.

We specialise in rehabilitation following amputation or limb absence – from surgery to lifelong care and self-management programmes. We have specialist knowledge of prosthetics and orthotics, teaching people to optimise their independence.

Treatments include:

  • Exercise programmes individually-designed to improve mobility and strength
  • Mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness
  • A return to exercise and sport, at any age
  • Electrotherapy to stimulate the healing process
  • Relaxation to relieve tension and enhance wellbeing
  • Massage to improve soft tissues
  • Postural and movement problems that result in poor mobility
  • Circulatory conditions such as peripheral vascular disease
  • Balance retraining and confidence building

The physiotherapists at Pace Rehabilitation can offer advice to prevent problems reoccurring, promoting improved health and fitness.

Pace physiotherapists are HCPC Registered and members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, observing their guidelines to ensure the highest standards of care.

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