Cosmetic Restoration

charlotte-evans-standingThe Cosmetic Restoration Covers offer a custom designed solution in the form of a ‘one-piece’ product that acts as a cushion, protecting sensitive scar tissue. Soft gels, light foams, silicones and discreet fastenings are integrated to provide an easy to wear, hygienic solution that restores a client’s natural form.

A cover created by silicone experts and is designed to suit the individual needs of clients who seek restoration to the shape of their limb, often as a result of atrophy or soft tissue loss.

As well as restoring the body shape there are many other features and benefits of the restoration covers, which is a bespoke product that is easily put on or taken off. They can also be designed to wear in water – perfect for the pool or beach on holiday.

In addition to the comfort and protection, the cosmetic appearance is also very important to the wearer. So, there are three levels of skin detail to choose from, right up to veins, freckles hair and more!

Beauty Therapist Charlotte comments that she feels less self-conscious now that she wears her restoration cover, saying,

“I used to have people make insensitive comments about my leg and I always felt as though people were staring at it.”

She continued, “With the restoration cover I now have, the confidence to go clubbing in Ibiza and I feel comfortable wearing tight fitting leggings and even shorts and skirts with tights!”