Pace regularly receives instruction from case managers.  Typically an Immediate Needs Assessments (INA) and subsequent report are provided, as a detailed short-term rehabilitation plan with transparent costs.

INAPlease click on the image below to view our NEW ‘Referrals guide, which provides more information and outlines the range of reports that we provide.

When an individual is referred for clinical input,  the clinical team will carry out a Multi-disciplinary team INA to identify comprehensive short term treatment options.

An INA offers an opportunity for instructing parties and their clients to understand what outcomes can be expected and the cost of treatment options.  They also enable third party referrers to review and query recommended treatment before funds are committed.

INA’s are undertaken in line with The Rehabilitation Code. The resulting reports are produced with the intention of accepting subsequent instructions to provide treatment, aimed at delivering efficient and effective rehabilitation to a known budget.

NEW Referrals Guide

NEW Referrals Guide

The treatment objective is to ensure that patients are given the opportunity to reach their full potential in terms of mobility, confidence and quality of life.

Without the opportunity to access expert clinical input,  patients may plateau at a suboptimal level, which can have long term consequences such as deconditioning, exaggerated secondary conditions, loss of motivation  and reduced fulfilment.

We firmly believe that the level of long-term disability can depend on the treatment received in the early stages and that comprehensive multidisciplinary rehabilitative input in the first few years after catastrophic injury results in the best outcome for the individual.

If you would like to discuss, or instruct, an INA, please email Scott Richardson.  Alternatively, please telephone 01494 790490 and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.